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Karyn Lathan University Lakes Constable

“I’m running for constable because it’s time for a professionally trained law enforcement officer and an experienced victim advocate to hold this office. Your constable has a direct impact on the culture of your neighborhood. This includes the property values and community safety.”

What is a Constable

A Constable carries out the orders of the Justice Court and other legal authorities. This includes, but is not limited to, criminal and civil subpoenas, eviction orders, orders of protection, and the seizure and sale of a property.


  • Conduct Constable sales of property levied on to satisfy judgments
  • Execute and return writs of possession or restitution (evictions)
  • Judicial security
  • Levy and return writs of execution (seize property to satisfy judgments)
  • Serve criminal and civil summons and subpoenas
  • Serve orders of protection and orders prohibiting harassment
  • Store personal property levied on
  • Summon Jurors

Why I Care

This is my town; this is where my granddaughters are growing up. I will take my training, skill set, and experience in law enforcement and victim services to be a compassionate and effective 21st-century constable. I will keep the community safe, carry out the orders of the University Lakes Justice Court, and uphold the law.

27 Years In Law Enforcement
  • United States Air Force Security Police 
    • Osan Air Base in South Korea
  • Department of Corrections, Arizona, Montana, Alaska, New Mexico
    • Corrections officer
    • Shock incarceration drill instructor
    • Correctional counselor/case manager
    • Parole and probation officer and trainer
  • Arizona Department of Corrections
    • 1st restorative justice coordinator
12 Years In Victim Services
  • Tempe Family Justice Commission, founding chair
  • Arizona Coalition of Victim Services, member
  • One Voice Community Center, LGBTQ anti-violence coordinator
  • Arizona Sexual Assault Network, board member
  • Chandler Domestic Violence Commission, chair
Community Involvement
  • Tempe Sister Cities
  • Tempe Family Justice Commission
  • Center for Progressive Leadership
  • League of Women Voters
University of Phoenix
  • Bachelor’s degree in business administration and public administration