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Being a Constable is about so much more than serving notices.

It’s about being compassionate, looking at the whole picture, and providing guidance to diffuse what can be a difficult situation.


Understanding the concepts of Trauma-Informed Care empowers me to recognize the undercurrents in an eviction situation and to assist in creating a reasonable, safe plan for both children and adults involved.

Families, Children, and Crisis

While completing my duties as a Constable, I assist with creating appropriate plans that take in the details of the entire situation as opposed to the current issue or symptoms. This comprehensive method provides opportunities for a healthier environment.

Community Safety

Creating a safe community environment is important to everyone, and my training, combined with my compassionate approach, lets me protect the victim, community, and myself while ensuring all parties are treated with dignity and respect.

Animal Welfare

Animals are family, too. By including community resources and animal welfare in my comprehensive approach to planning, animals are less likely to be left behind, abused, or forgotten if the parties cannot continue to care for the animal.