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Animal Welfare

Providing community resources and leadership to ensure family pets are not left behind, abused, or forgotten if the parties involved cannot take or continue to care for the animal.

In the past few years as your constable, I have run across several animals that have been abandoned when the owners are served with an eviction order. I have had dogs left without food and water for an extended time, snakes, bunnies, cats, hamsters, and yes even a turtle. None of these animals deserve neglect/abandonment. They rely on you for their existence from the time you take possession of them. Please, ask for help with pet food or self-surrender your animal so you know they are well taken care of.  When I come across an abandoned animal, I will call the Tempe police, animal division.

There have been a lot of pet adoptions during this COVID-19 quarantine. They are wonderful companions. What are you going to do when the quarantine is over? Will you still have time for your pet? If you move, will you take your pet? Please consider all options. 

In the last year, we have had many dogs who lost their owner to COVID-19. Many are older dogs. They need your help. Please consider adopting a rescue. Please spay or neuter your pet.