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Understanding the concepts of Trauma-Informed Care empowers me to recognize the undercurrents in an eviction situation, and to assist in creating a reasonable, safe plan for both children and adults involved.

Most evictions are avoidable. An eviction is a court order to remove the tenant and all other occupants of a residence and return possession to the landlord. If you remove your belongings and personally hand the keys over to the landlord, there would be little reason for an eviction. 

Will you still owe the money? Yes… BUT you will not have an eviction on your credit report. Having an eviction on your record will make it very hard to rent another place. I try to educate as many people as I can about the consequences of eviction on your record. I have often worked with landlords and tenants to devise a solution. As an example: 

As I was walking to the apartment with the manager, he told me about the tenant’s job loss and his attempts to make the payments. He also told me that the tenant has always been nice, and he hated to see him go. When I approached the door, he was already putting the basics of what he needed outside. I started my paperwork while the tenant and I talked. I asked if he was a veteran and he said yes. I stopped the eviction right there and told him about a veteran’s resource, “Be Connected,” that could help. The manager and I agreed that I would return the next afternoon to check the status. When I returned the next afternoon, the tenant had his rent paid and the manager canceled the eviction.

 Our city is about the quality of life of its residents.  These are hard times and Tempe wants to be there for you. Please Reach Out. 

I would like to thank the residents of the University Lakes Justice Precinct for trusting me to represent the values of Tempe while upholding the law. It is my honor to be your Community Constable.